Difonix Pub Game: Star Wars Edge of the Empire

Zeela's Recap of Session 1

I've got friends in low places

Do you ever have one of those days?

Things were going soooooo well. I finally escaped that jerky Hutt’s place with Antinas. We made a quick stop to resupply on Tatooine and were but five steps from the Spacemoose when he went and got shot. Frotz! So close.

So I’m stuck in the cantina with a bounty hunter, planning my escape, when who do I see but my main wookiee, Muck! What the heck is he doing here?!

And then…I don’t even know. Muck and a random group of misfits from the Hutt’s place were sent to kill the bounty hunter? What sense does that make? And who was that Weequay sticking his wrinkly puss in our business? Could this day get any more bizarre? Spoiler alert: yes, yes it can.

Either we really should have listened to the Weequay, or it was his plan to ambush us all along. The boys did a smash-up job of taking them all out. Bravo!

So apparently now we’re all pals on our way to Florrum on the run from the Hutt. This was so not the plan. Still, I suppose I needed a crew. And some of these guys seem useful enough.

Except for that bounty hunter…

XOXO, Zeela



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