Difonix Pub Game: Star Wars Edge of the Empire

Zeela's Recap of Session 2

Shit happens

Change of plans!

We headed to Ord Mantell to offload the remainder of poor old Antinas’s cargo. Oh and surprise surprise, Corlan‘s apparently a spice junkie. Terrific. Fortunately the doc was able to bring him down for the time being. I guess we’ll see how long that lasts. He can fly, and I suppose beggars can’t really be choosers when you’re on the run from a Hutt.

While on the planet, WEX-12 was able to get the Spacemoose registered to yours truly. My very own ship. Rad! I also picked up a little job slinging poo to Felucia. Hey, we gotta pay the bills somehow, right?

Although, apparently that darn bounty hunter decided to take a job on his own. With a short deadline. So yea, before we hit Felucia, the shit is coming with us to Mandalore.

We land at the drop to find a holoprojector that sends us into the city. No problem, Corlan, Ethan, the doc (with his MandalorAIDS-preventing mask), and I hop on the speeder bikes for a quick trip in. Just kidding. Stormtroopers. Lame.

So the head honcho is a total tal’kan. The bucketheads decide they’ll have to escort us into the landing bay. I must’ve missed something because before I know it, Muck and Ethan are on the guns and the ‘troopers are suddenly just part of Mandalore’s dust. This can’t end well…

XOXO, Zeela



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