Zeela Dashala

Twi'lek merchant and sexpot, not necessarily in that order


Zeela is your typically curvy twi’lek. Her skin is the silvery-gray of rainclouds at sunrise, with broad bands of gunmetal striping her lekku.


Like so many other young female twi’lek, Zeelada’Shala was sold as a dancing slave to [Hutt]. She used her all her available skills to gather information, learning about the price and availability of items until she suitably impressed a merchant who offered to purchase her from the Hutt. The Hutt agreed, taking the not insignificant payment while fully intending to have the merchant hunted down and Zeela returned. However, all did not go as planned. While the merchant was indeed assassinated by Ethan “Shivers” Locke, Zeela, the bounty hunter, and a group sent to kill him in some sort of Huttese triple-cross are now on their way across the galaxy to Florrum.

Zeela Dashala

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